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  • Apr 13, 2019
  • As soon as Pastor John and I meet we will get pictures together and tell our story. But you can publish this first part of our story if you rewrite it for me. Thank you.
    We texted for first few weeks then he started calling me every night from 7pm--10pm. But he is sure God brought us together and so am I. He is a good man who had to become homeless after losing his wife, son, and home. He was living on the street with nothing. This very inteligent man could not get a job without an address. His sister and brother would not help him. Alcohol and drugs and hiting rock bottom brought him to finding our Lord Jesus. This man talks to our Lord while arrested and treated like he was in another country. Guilty until proven innocent. Yes in the US. Sad to say. When you are poor and have nothing This is how you are treated. After Pastor John found our Lord Jesus he got back on his feet. He lives near Chicago. I live down state near Peoria, ILL. Neither one of us have much money so that has kept us from meeting yet. He works on his motorcycle and his car so he can hopefully come meet me in May. Truly hope you rewrite this and publish it to let people see this dear sweet pastor had to hit rock bottom before he found our Lord and then he was lead to your dating site. On this Christian dating site we met around the 20th of March. No doubt we are meant to be a couple here on earth and in heaven when Jesus comes. Our phone calls every evening is bringing us closer together. You can get to know someone talking to them nightly rather than texting each other. Please keep us in your prayers. We are an older couple that believes in the whole Bible and believes in LIVING THE 10 COMANDMENTS. Please pray for us and GOD Bless Your Dating Site that brought this wonderful Man into my life.

    Lela & John
    We are both thankful to God for he makes all things beautiful. God wrote one of the best love story we have experienced. It is a Very long story. We met, 2014, one year of courtship online, he flew here, proposed on his Bday, and married by 2015. My man is from TX and I'm from the Philippines. He flew by faith and moved here. We both serve God in a local church here! God bless this website!

    (we both deleted our account here but as I remember my name was missjheil and his was littlebaker. haha!)
  • Mar 25, 2019
    Hello. We want to thank the creators of the site for the opportunity to meet two hearts completely from different continents. Elena from the Czech Republic, Nick from America. We bless everyone who wants to marry to meet the right person.
  • Mar 20, 2019
  • Hello CDFF! I want to share our story of how Issa777 and Oma_90 fell deeply in love. We started chatting on CDFF and after a couple of weeks we decided to meet. We exchanged phone numbers and later after talking on the phone for days we decided to meet face to face for a coffee. It was love at first site, we are so much the same it freaked us out lol. When we parted that day we hugged, we decided that we like each other a lot and that we are going to continue seeing each other. Weeks later we are deeply in love and miss each other so much when we are apart from one another. We are now planning on future events of an engagement and moving in together as we plan our life as a couple. My advice is don't give up and you too will find your special someone.
  • Mar 18, 2019
    Here's my story of what I am ever so thankful to have from this dating site! Greetings, my name's Michele, I'm from Sacramento,CA. I joined this dating site over 2 yr's. ago, & thankfully found the love of my life from Strasbourg, France! We began a serious relationship last yr., & are intending on finally meeting soon!
    We've also communicated by email, & video too, but we've kept our account's open here as it's actually easier for keeping in touch rather than by email & such. It's great this site has multiple options to select for what we're looking for, I've changed my selection to prayer partner, as certainly that's what all believer's already do, as apposed to just selecting "friend", because then the Word may not be such a priority of their topic, as is mine. It's also very nice to be able to upload 8 pic's. at no charge! It's is nice there's multiple selection's given to select from on what you're looking for, from religion, church, attendance, including the option, "other", which is thankfully given too, that I've selected, because I don't follow any man-made religion or attend any man-made church system's either. You may wonder then why am I here, as a couple members have also. Well I was raised Catholic, then became Christian as an adult, but now that I've learned we're supposed to come out of spiritual Babylon, which means confus ion, & is the term to refer to all man-made religion's & church system's, which is what Scripture is referring to when saying to,."come out of her MY people", but I thought I'd still remain, because I am a believer, & desiring to only fellowship with like-minded believer's. The Cdff team are also great at keeping this a safe place, by removing those who break the rules by banning people using inappropriate language, & or scammer's, or don't follow any of the other rules listed. Way to go Cdff team, much appreciated! I encourage & hope the very best to all of you who are considering, or have joined! Yahuah baruch you all!

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