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  • Mar 18, 2019
    Here's my story of what I am ever so thankful to have from this dating site! Greetings, my name's Michele, I'm from Sacramento,CA. I joined this dating site over 2 yr's. ago, & thankfully found the love of my life from Strasbourg, France! We began a serious relationship last yr., & are intending on finally meeting soon!
    We've also communicated by email, & video too, but we've kept our account's open here as it's actually easier for keeping in touch rather than by email & such. It's great this site has multiple options to select for what we're looking for, I've changed my selection to prayer partner, as certainly that's what all believer's already do, as apposed to just selecting "friend", because then the Word may not be such a priority of their topic, as is mine. It's also very nice to be able to upload 8 pic's. at no charge! It's is nice there's multiple selection's given to select from on what you're looking for, from religion, church, attendance, including the option, "other", which is thankfully given too, that I've selected, because I don't follow any man-made religion or attend any man-made church system's either. You may wonder then why am I here, as a couple members have also. Well I was raised Catholic, then became Christian as an adult, but now that I've learned we're supposed to come out of spiritual Babylon, which means confus ion, & is the term to refer to all man-made religion's & church system's, which is what Scripture is referring to when saying to,."come out of her MY people", but I thought I'd still remain, because I am a believer, & desiring to only fellowship with like-minded believer's. The Cdff team are also great at keeping this a safe place, by removing those who break the rules by banning people using inappropriate language, & or scammer's, or don't follow any of the other rules listed. Way to go Cdff team, much appreciated! I encourage & hope the very best to all of you who are considering, or have joined! Yahuah baruch you all!

  • Mar 15, 2019
    My Name is Eboni and I met Damion online (July 2014) after us both recently going through divorces and saying we were not looking for a relationship, just friends. Many others on the site were definitely looking for other things and talking a good game (as I say). Once sending a message only to encourage him about a comment he had on his profile, we chatted for hours the first night and hours for the second night and then many many nights after. We met in person very shortly after connecting and began our 3yr long distance relationship. We married in June 2017 and will be coming up on our 2yr wedding anniversary this year. #stayencouraged #therightoneisoutthere #keepGodfirst

    The Browns
  • Jan 25, 2019
    Lee ( Canada) and Elena ( Russia)
    Start from our communication, God sent signals affirming more that this was part of Gods plans for thier future lives. In long distance relations, God kept us united and we are developed closer and closer relations and overcoming challenges together. Lee went to Russia four times to visit Elena & they more closely fall in Love. We are married in June 2018.
    We are thankful to God that He brought us to each other from across the world and are very thankful to amazing site CDFF.
    God bless you,
    Lee and Elena
  • Jan 16, 2019
  • Jan 7, 2019
    After giving up on dating. I prayed and asked God to put the right man for me in my path way. About 4 years ago I deleted all of my dating sites, but for some reason CDFF I could not figure out how to delete it so I just left it up. About 6 months later. I logged in remembering that I had not deleted my profile and was still determined to do so. While I was trying to figure this out I saw a message from Jubilant. I went to his profile to read more about him and we had so much in common. We started talking as friends and then our relationship grew into much more. We dated for 6 months and decided we wanted to get married. We have been married for almost 4 years now and God continues to bless us each day. Thank you CDFF for creating a platform to bring us together.

    Jubilant & Shanee
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