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Do you enjoy giving?
Posted : 17 Nov, 2019 07:43 PM

When i was in my 20\'s, gift giving was fun...selecting something special for a birthday or Christmas. now, the ads encourage one to give a Lexus or SUV for a gift (out of reach for most folks) so i find my giving is now in the form of time spent - dog-sitting for free, baking a favorite recipe and taking it to someone who is depressed - offering a ride to a neighbor who has car trouble...etc. money gifts are not important - time gifts are.

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For Women Who Have Been Married Before
Posted : 15 Nov, 2019 06:45 PM

There\'s a lot of notifications to read through and then your answers go to Mail Chimp where your data is \"protected\". WHO is doing this survey. Sounds iffy to me... not going to sign up for Mail Chimp to have personal answers.

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Posted : 15 Nov, 2019 06:40 PM

Is it really that hard to just say \"i don\'t want to talk anymore\" and then dont post to the person again. ?

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Posted : 15 Nov, 2019 01:51 PM

Jimmy Carter WAS a democrat, but he was NOT a socialist. Today\'s group of dem possibilities ARE socialists. Have you ever seen an interview with a person who escaped from Venezuela or any other socialist country? The government takes 70% or More of your paycheck. If you make $1000 a month, you will pay $700 in taxes. Exactly WHERE do you think Warren or Bernie or any of the others are going to get $ to give Free College, Free Medicare. and even that wont be enough. The socialist governments tell you what job you are suited for, IF you really need a doctor. Good Grief people - read up on it...we cannot survive socialism.

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Questions for over 50
Posted : 14 Nov, 2019 07:48 PM

I could not function well without a car. I don\'t depend on others to get me to the grocery store, doctor, or concert. But then, I live in a rural no bus or taxi here. for me, a car is a necessity.

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Is sex a priority?
Posted : 14 Nov, 2019 06:58 PM

NEVER more to Whatapp or Hangouts. Dont give out your phone number or address. If a man is interested (or guys, if a girl is interested) they will be willing to type a few words on here. Keep it here and keep it safe.

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Online isnit Real dating !
Posted : 13 Nov, 2019 07:00 PM

Chioniso - that\'s an interesting story. you were very kind to spend 2 hours with him. It\'s been awhile Since i had a meet & greet, but I drove my own car to a meeting place for supper. The guy showed up drunk and proceeded to drin throughout the \"supper\". He wanted to walk me to the car, but I suggested that I go alone so I could phone him when I got home. frankly i was scared. But he did that, and I never called. The OP is right, online is not dating.

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9 years alone
Posted : 11 Nov, 2019 08:43 PM

YUnhelah, i was alone 17 years and then met 2nd husband. Focus on family, job, nature, - pray. It\'s not easy but your life will get easier. Listening to music when I was lonely helped me. Do not \"fall for\" the 1st man who presents himself to you... get to know the person by spending lots of time talking. :)

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Christian Men on CDFF
Posted : 11 Nov, 2019 08:40 PM

1. Religion practiced 2. Location 3. Interests

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Posted : 11 Nov, 2019 08:36 PM

Have you ever seen a citizen of Venezuela or Cuba or any other socialist country be interviewed on TV? Do people realize the government has total control in socialism? The president, prime minister or whoever is head of the country determines what job you are qualified for, who gets medical attention, electricity is allowed a few hours per day - if even than much. Food is rationed. Nothing is \"free\" like Warren and Sanders tell you.. the poor and middle class are taxed at 70 to 90%. Trump has helped our citizens, and he has done nothing wrong. I do not agree with everything he does, but I agree with NOTHING the Democrats do. They lie about everything. There is no impeachable offense that happened.

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