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who should start a conversation?
Posted : 2 May, 2019 05:42 PM

Amen Obedienceto the Word!

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Christian Dating
Posted : 2 May, 2019 05:39 PM

Those are all good sound reasons. I have not seen anyone give the deeper reason so far............It is important to have a Christian (actively following Christ) bf/gf/spouse because of the spiritual consequences. We have come out of darkness into the Light....what fellowship hath Light with the darkness. Even Paul advised that when a believer has gone too far astray to turn him/her over to satan so they would hopefully see the error of their way. Why should we have any desire to become \'one flesh\' with the world again (a gf/bf) ? since Christ gave His Life to save us from that? As far as a spouse goes, the Bible is clear if you were Saved after you were already married. Let the unbelieving spouse stay with their mate and if they choose to leave, allow them to go......

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