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Thread: CDFF is a Scammer's Paradise & a Ripoff.

CDFF is a Scammer's Paradise & a Ripoff. Posted : 29 May, 2019 04:19 PM

I am so disgusted with Christianity. It is such a nasty vile religion. Everyone it seems is out to screw the other person, there is no love, only selfishness. Now CDFF is a ripoff, too. CDFF makes it so difficult for the consumer to stop the AUTORENEW feature. Why is a website called CHRISTIAN DATING FOR FREE setting their member's accounts to AUTORENEW? BECAUSE THEY ARE SCREWING YOU OVER, JUST LIKE THE SCAMMERS THAT ARE ALL OVER THIS WEBSITE. WARNING: IT IS NOT JUST THE SCAMMER THAT YOU HAVE TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT, BUT CHRISTIAN CAFE AND CDFF. THEIR (CC & CDFF'S) LOVE TO CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY PROVES THAT THEY ARE EVIL. BEWARE OF THE CORPORATE USE OF THE TERM "CHRISTIAN", THE WHOLE WORLD IS FILLED WITH SCAMMERS CLAIMING TO BE CHRISTIAN. BEWARE!

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