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Thread: A Reminder

A Reminder Posted : 15 May, 2019 08:09 PM

NEVER look for a romantic relationship before you have learned to truly love yourself. NEVER look for a romantic relationship when you cannot fully love yourself. If you don't have enough love for yourself so that some is left over, don't even think about finding a boyfriend/girlfriend/enbyfriend. Because if you do, there is a possibility you will become dependant on your partner. If you do not fully love yourself, you will begin to rely on your partner's love for you. Not only is this bad because you will get your sense of self worth from that person, but that person will have control over you. Don't let any human EVER have any sort of control over you. "But what about parents/bosses?". Parents shouldn't "control" you. They should guide you. Bosses shouldn't "control" you. They should make suggestions that you choose (CHOOSE) to follow. The bottom line: Don't enter a relationship unless you truly love yourself, otherwise you will become dependant on your partner and give them control over you.

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