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Thread: Why communism does not make sense.

Why communism does not make sense. Posted : 6 Mar, 2019 08:22 PM

The reason why communism does not work is that we are not robots. It is an excellent theory, but it just does not work! Here is why: Pretend that four people decide that collectively they will plant, care for and then equally split the harvest of a garden. On day one, the four people plant the garden. On day 2 Tom pulls garden duty, the next day Mary pulls garden duty, on day 4 Harry is up, and on the 5th day Jane preforms her duties. During the first month the four take turns doing there assigned jobs in the garden. On the firs day of the second month Tom is having a bad day, and it is obvious that his labor suffers because of his day. However Tom breathes easy because he reasons that since the full burden of the garden is not on him all the labor should eventually get done. The week goes by, and the upkeep of the garden does not seem to have suffered much. As many of us have found out by now \'sometimes when it pours!\' And Tom had a tough time catching a break. Week after week Tom was unable to fully devote his mental facilities to the garden, but sense the main crop in the garden was potatoes everything looked alright. At harvest time the group equaly divided the harvest, which obviously suffered due to untreated conditions. The above story is just a brief look at what communism (a socialist form of government looks like) I am not arguing that some people fall onto hard times and they need a helping hand, but I am also not going to look away from the fact that communism can hurt many people (i.e. you will do the same amount of work and receive less when other people pull there load) One of my favorite book of the Bible is the book of Ecclesiastes. And in chapter 4 verse 4 of that book it explains that capitalism is the way that this world operates. -Then I saw yet another thing: envy fuels achievement. All the work and skills people develop come from their desire to be better than their neighbors. Even this is fleeting, like trying to embrace the wind.- So if you take away the ability for people to compete, and you make everyone the same then you just put water on the flames of achievement. Although communism sounds like a very fair system, the only thing that communism accomplishes is to equally distribute misery. It\'s talked about in the Bible!

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Thread: Why communism does not make sense.

Posted : 8 Mar, 2019 12:24 PM

Communism and it’s cousin socialism may share a few philosophical differences but as far as it goes, both are equal opportunity deceivers firstly and equal opportunity oppressors secondly. Once the polical deception is pulled off successfully the social glory ride ends with economic fall out, just ask Venezuela! Ultimately the government becomes oppressive for those poor deceived newly christened peasants who wound up voting for their own demise, while hoping for a free ride. But the real free ride is reserved for those at the top with all the money and with all the power and they won’t share!

Looks like new age communism and socialism deceptions are on the rise, living rent free in the gullible minds of a growing number of college kids. Fortunately, not all college kids are so ridiculously credulous.

I always thought college was supposed to teach critical thinking skills, but I digress, never mind my unguarded musings

George Santayana said: “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

There are plenty of old history books gathering dust out there replete with the facts of political compromise, deception and upheaval

Wouldn’t it be nice if a few college kids would stop believing everything they hear just for a moment and read up a little political history .

But then again, experience might have to take over the chair of the beguiling prof—-if only to repeat an oft repeated historic lesson

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Thread: Why communism does not make sense.

Posted : 9 Mar, 2019 08:19 AM

Communism functions by making everyone but the elite equally poor.

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Thread: Why communism does not make sense.

Posted : 10 Apr, 2019 03:47 AM

acts 2:41-47 ?

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Thread: Why communism does not make sense.

Posted : 13 Apr, 2019 03:17 PM

Socialism will continue to rise because the education system is socialist. Fair enough people need to learn to read, write, and have a handle on basic mathematics but everything else is open to debate and can be learned after leaving school.
Who is the government to tell parents how long their children need to be in education or what they need to learn? The very idea is socialist.
The economy becomes more socialist as government continues to grow and exert control on the financial system.
Eventually when the number of net receivers including (teachers & police as well as those on welfare) exceeds the number of net contributors to GDP society will implode.
The yield on the 10 year note was less than on a 3 month bond the other week so it won't be long (look it up if you don't know what it means).
Quantitive easing, bailouts with tax payers money (if that isn't socialism I don't know what is) and ridiculously low interest rates with currency no longer linked to gold have dug a pit that can't be avoided.
It's in Revelation so expect the dollar to crash under hyperinflation sometime soon. Wealth will again be measured in lbs & oz's.
Check out Venezuela for a look at the future of the western world, crippled by communism.

As far as everyone being equal at work I'm all for it. I used to load out around 1500 bricks a day on building site. I was the best paid labourer, I had to be at work so thought I might as well do a good job and was rewarded about 15% more money for 50% more work.
Then 2008 happened and no extra was given for higher work rate. A typical man will load out about 700 bricks a day then when wages dropped so that is all I did until I got a really easy job in an office that paid as much as the lower labourer wages.
I've no interest in carrying weaker workers for no extra reward. To think without a more socialist society I'd probably be grafting my nuts off instead of chilling out with a cup of tea writing the odd email and answering the phone. I've not done a good days work for nearly a decade. Much more energy for cycling, running & kickboxing and other things I like now.

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Thread: Why communism does not make sense.

Posted : 18 Jul, 2019 08:50 AM

WOW . . . no offense but you guys need to get out more. Having lived in The P. R. of China for almost 10 years, I can say without reservation that Canada and the U.S. are more socialist than China. 1) Health insurance, 2) Unemployment insurance, 3) Maternity leave, & Paternity leave, 4) Old Age Security, 5) Government sponsored pension plans, 6) Income supplements for low income families, 7) Subsidized housing . . . and the list goes on and on and on. These are ALL Social programs based on socialist philosophy.
The Chinese invented gunpowder, and used it for fireworks at religious celebrations and ceremonies. What did we do with it after receiving it as a gift from them? We used it and continue to use it as a weapon to kill people who won't willingly give us what we want of theirs . . .
God is not political. Period. Full stop. No discussion. No debate. If anything, the early Church conformed to a lifestyle of sharing worldly possessions, as they will pass, focusing on the eternal. Don't blame God for our greed arrogance and selfishness.

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