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Thread: Same Faith the Same heart

Same Faith the Same heart Posted : 9 Feb, 2016 12:51 PM

In our life, we feel emptiness inside, we are seeking for something that we feel it would complete us. This feelings happened when we long at the end that at the right time, place and person we will be home. And the home will be in that persons heart and life till old age. Once, twice or many times we go from a relationship to another and yet we still feel our life is empty. We need Jesus Christ to lead the relationship and by putting Him first everything will be beautiful in time. A matured Christian partner in life will look Jesus Christ as a center of everything. In his walk, he will trust God that there maybe flaws in a relationship but he understand that it happened for a reason. A man and a woman whose Christ is a center and first in everything is beautiful more than anything in this world. I believe that a relationship will flow smoothly, you will pray, go to church, dine, go to cinemas, enjoy the nature, and you will both agree that life is so light because you have the same faith. You are looking at one God, there are lots of pressure in a relationship but its lighter than an ordinary relationship. Test will happen, but both will get stronger each day because same has one heart and its the heart of Jesus living both in two person in a relationship. Like Sarah and Ruth, they were blessed because the man that God sent them is the man with God in their hearts and Life.

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