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Thread: Deltron 3030 (feat Jamie Cullum) - Do You Remember

Deltron 3030 (feat Jamie Cullum) - Do You Remember Posted : 11 Jul, 2015 09:41 PM

[Refrain: Jamie Cullum] Do you remember? Do you remember? A time when love meant laughter Well I am weighed down, I am so weighed down By all these sins, I dream forever after [Refrain: Del] (Do you remember?) As a child how your wild imagination Led you to great discoveries and places (Do you remember?) Innocence in your heart Before prejudice could spark a cold flame in the dark (Do you remember?) How you pushed and kept pushing Til you broke through when nobody was looking (Do you remember?) Not to get into nostalgia But some of those things had value [Verse 1: Del] How did it happen? An independent corporation With no control could maintain it With rebellious force, developed a course of action We advertise, inviting all to court, the massive A queen\'s faithful hand, maidens born to wealthy parents A life of luxury, but full of scorn, yeah, they be jealous We were omnivores, gathered food with our tongues Peaceful, unprepared against the guns Ever since we was young they slayed our real master Now I\'m told, blast the rifles to peel back domes Heavy weapon power sources for confrontation Against hot situations, safe world\'s invaded [Refrain: Jamie] [Refrain: Del] [Verse 2: Del] Deltron, a respected hero Before retirement to the underground, below zero Ceiling zero, location like limbo With battle torn bimbos and all sorts of electric weirdos But electrical currents run through my bars Produces electric shock if you try to escape the bond High voltage prods are used to control the eyes Renew a process, erase memories of all Like guidance and calmness suggested a new society Unrelated to criminal acts of the high and mighty Oppressors who contest our every motion Controlling our every motion with hyperactive convulsions [Refrain: Jamie x2] [Refrain: Del] [Verse 3: Del] Wind the clocks back to a simpler times Where you could talk and speak your mind Without assault or attack or combat All resources available in large quantities Before the deceit and greed and privatization Of everything that society placed inside it Spaces as a service to the patrons Now you pay for it and your credit better be good Or if there\'s an emergency, never see a foot Extended in your direction to help forget it Shred any evidence of wrong doing to make pledges Among secret societies with freaky fetishes Lie about what\'s really inside, they never let us in [Refrain: Jamie x2]

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