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Crystal & Jody Apr 24, 2014
I don't remember our user names because it was so long ago but we met on your site and started dating in October of 2008. We both had 2 kids around the same age and both had been divorced. We had tried other dating sites but did not provide the spiritual aspect of it. That is the first thing we connected with. We became best friends. We talked about marriage but he proposed in Dec. Of 2010 and we married March 12, 2011. We now are a family of 6.
Anna & Robert Apr 21, 2014
Hi Christian dating for free. My name is Anna and my fiancť is Robert. We met on your website and I wanted to thank your for bringing us together. Your website was truly a blessing from God. I tell all of my single friends to check you guys out. Thanks again! :)
Cindy & Jim Apr 16, 2014
Happy to say that Jim and me are coming up on our 3rd anniversary this July 23rd, 2014. We met in Nov. 2010 on CDFF and talked over the phone for 4 months, He was in Va and I was in NY. He winked at me just after I had decided to open my profile up to be available to contacts in Va area. We met face to face after the 4 months and were engaged the next day. We really felt as if we had known each other for much longer...but I know it was a God thing ! He is indeed the man I had prayed in faith for over a period of 10 yrs. I asked the lord for a man after God's own heart, a man who cares about others and prays for others and who is interested in serving in ministry. He is all that and more...I am very blessed with his love for me and I love being his wife. Thank You, Lord and thanks to CDFF !
Arlena & Jeff Apr 15, 2014
I am so happy to have found the love of my life , me and my husband met and fell in love . I was beginning to think love could not ever exist in my heart again and did not think I could ever trust or give my heart to someone again . I was helping a friend of mine put up her profile over the phone and then I told my friend my plan to give up and completely delete my profile from CDFF and then I saw Jeff's picture I clicked onto to his profile to get a better look at the one picture he had posted on his profile . I told my friend I thought he was really cute and so I sent him a message never thinking he would respond because he was across the country from me . but he messaged me back immediately and then after messaging back and forth for about a week then I give him my number and delete my profile there was no one I else I wanted to talk to . he called me that night and I set up skype and we started talking via Skype as our friendship grew we started to talk more and realized that we were meant for each other we had both exerienced loss before and the simaliar life experiences drew us close together and we developed a strong bond for one another . He flew to meet me and swept me completely off my feet . and took me back with him now we are happily married . we owe it all to God who brought us together through CDFF. Thanks again CDFF and many blessings to your site and may many be blessed to find the love that me and my husband have found through CDFF we met and found each other . I know through life I have someone who always be there for me ..Much thanks again ...Jeff and Arlena
Rachel & Jamie Apr 7, 2014
Started chatting on CDFF and got to know each other and within a week we'd exchanged numbers. Before I knew it I was driving down to visit her, I was so excited (and a little nervous).

We clicked instantly and since then we've had countless video chats, phone calls and exchanged literally hundreds of snap chats of our best (and possibly worst) faces!

I went down to visit her a second time (waking up at 5AM to miss the M25 rush hour traffic!) and we had an absolutely fantastic day, the best bit being when we made it official, I had a smile on my face all day!

I know that we have something special going on, not just because of the way she makes me laugh all the time, or the way seeing a message from her can instantly lift my mood, but because I know we both have the most important thing in common, Jesus! :)
Mayet & Freddy Apr 7, 2014
I am please to announce everyone how God work on our lives to put us together to become one. We met here last April 1, 2013, we communicated everyday through skype over ten months and we decided to meet in person in order to see by God if we were really meant for each other. On January 29, 2014 he arrived in the Philippines. We were certained that we were meant by God. So, as of March 22nd we were married. And I would like to say from Mr. & Mrs. Maltbia thank you to the CDFF family, God Bless

Mayet & Freddy
Sandra & Guy Mar 31, 2014
Dear Christian Dating

Amen through the grace of God this beautiful gift of Proverbs 4:10 of a woman has come into my life and I into her life.
With the power of the Holy Spirit and by His Blessings Sandra and Guy are going to pursue this with being prudent and diserning by a leap of faith and asking Gods Holy Spirt to guide and direct our paths to that special day when we can become one!
We ask our sincere brothers and sisters in Christ for your prayers that God Bless this relationship and we can only hope and pray for you that God will also Bless You all with the Right and Godly partner all is his time.
We hope to be a testimomy to his living word and true spirit for the rest of our days here on earth.
May God Bless You All in Jesus precious name, Amen
Sincerely with Love
Guy and Sandra
Jeremeiah 29:11
(Please listen to Paul Stookey the Wedding Song)
Jona & Christopher Mar 29, 2014
Chris , and I met here back in June 16 , 2013 and then he added me on his facebook . We exchanged email , and began to talk. We always talk on skype for almost 6 hours, It did not take long however for us to realize we were meant to be together. About two weeks after we met things got serious between us and we formed a relationship. .
On Febuary 23 , 2014 we met in person, amazing two weeks together.
We are planning to get married and get a fiancť visa .
Through God, Time, and Your site we found each other.
Chris is an amazing Man, and is everything I have prayed for. He's smart, kind, caring, sweet and his good looking is more on the inside than the outside. That is what every girl should look for, a man who is lovely but whose beauty on the inside outshines! I couldn't be happier. I thank God for him everyday! :)
Lucia & Evan Mar 28, 2014
Hi everyone! We are just so thrilled to finally be doing this! It was our dream to be able to write a success testimony on this site, as it is with everyone coming on this site, I imagine. We have a very beautiful, inspiring story. Evan (from NY) and I (from Miami) met on April, 2012 on CDFF after about 3 years of browsing the site. So NEVER GIVE UP! It will happen in God's timing, not yours ;). What is really special about us is the circumstances in which we met. Evan bought his 1st plane ticket to Miami to come meet me on May 24th, 2012, but 12 days before his arrival I had suffered a brain stroke that left me immobilized in a wheelchair and partially blind. I was a mess. We had been talking and Skyping for over a month and already had feelings for each other. Obviously I expected him to turn around after what had just happened to me, but he came down anyways. Spent the whole week in the hospital with me (so much for all the fun dates we had planned). He loved me instantly for who I still was, and not for how messed up my body was. He simply decided to love me, support me and help me get through it. And boy, he did!. He was the support I needed so much during that traumatic time of my life. He finally moved down to Miami to continue supporting my recovery. After many months of physical therapy and learning how to live life with less than half the sight and body weakness, with the love that God poured into me through Evan, I started getting much better. On July 4th, 2013, under the beautiful fireworks at the beach, he finally proposed. We just knew we could go through anything together and conquer the valleys we had ahead. We met at exactly the RIGHT time. Now, we just got married on March 1st and we couldn't be any happier. All I can say is God is faithful, and if He gave me a second chance at life to live this moment, even in all my imperfection, He will be gracious enough to give you the same, if you seek HIM first. God is good ALL the time. Stay encouraged and be patient! Your time will come if you persevere. Don't you ever settle for less than His best.

Be blessed!

Visit our site at:
Judi & Jon Mar 25, 2014
We met on Jan. 18 2013. We happened to both be online at the same time and I sent a message to her to talk and she said yes but I would only talk if she would skype and she agreed, so from that moment on we syked every day, until May she said if you are interested in me you would come out here and see me, so that same day I booked a flight and came out in Sept. 22 for her 40th birthday party, I was there about 16 days, I had the time of my life, when I stepped off the plane and seen her for the first time I knew I had to make her my wife, so when I went home and we went back to sykpeing again about a few weeks later I asked her to be my wife and she said yes, so we set a date of April 5th 2014. I fly out here in Legaspi, Philippines on March 20th we got our marriage license and then our engagement pictures and now waiting to get married.
Merab & Jared Mar 18, 2014
Met on Christian dating for free on September 2010 and married October 2011.
Jennifer & John Mar 17, 2014
My success story started with the hope in finding someone to share my life with when I came across your site and joined it. For over a year I had specifically searched for brunettes and redheads with absolutely no luck in finding someone that was acceptable to me. I was starting to give up hope until I decided to expand my search to blondes using the advanced search settings for those within a 50 mile radius. By doing so I met a wonderful woman. Her profile picture and all the details carefully laid out according to your site attracted me to her. We talked for quite some time on your site exchanging messages and then we decided to meet in person. Our personalities and values and everything just clicked and it was almost love at first sight. It wasn't too long after that we got engaged and are now set to be married next year. I am grateful for your website. If it wasn't for you guys I never would have found her. So I give this advice to anyone who is searching for someone special: Patience, faith, and honesty are the keys to finding the one you desire to be with. It may not be the same for everyone but I found happiness because of and so can you. Don't lose hope. :-)

Amelia & Stephen Mar 4, 2014
Me and my wife Amelia met on CDFF in March of 2010.We got married 12/09/11 .We have been involved in full time ministry since the time of our Marrriage,We were blessed with our First Child"Gracelyn Francesca" in Sept.2012,We Just had our second Child recently 2/24/14.Marianna Elzabeth.I thank God for this site.i am so blessed to have 3 beautiful girls in my life.Thanks CDFF
Edith & Timothy Feb 27, 2014
We just want to share here that the LORD brought us together on this website. He did the same for two of my friends so I, Edith, decided to give it a try too and here is where I met my husband!
We had a long distance relationship since I was living in another country. Everything seemed to be so impossible but there is nothing impossible to God!
Timothy and I prayed for so many years for the one that GOD had for us until the LORD answered to our prayers. Tim and I met on September 2011 here on CDFF and we got married on December 2013.
The LORD is so great, so good and we want to praise Him for this miracle.
We also want to thank CDFF for helping couples to connect.
When its God's will, the LORD will even use this technology and resources to help their children to find the spouse that He has in storage for them.
So thank you again CDFF for making this happen.
Wish you all the happiness and fulfillment that my husband and I are enjoying now.
GOD bless you all.
Cherry & Hunter Feb 25, 2014
We met, we talked, we fell in love, we married 02/21/2014
Vivian & Brandon Feb 6, 2014
After being on the site a few short days In early August 2013 I recieved a wink from Vivian. She is Brazilian and was living with her aunt in Chicago at the time. It was her aunt who encouraged her to use the site because her son had met his wife online. After chatting back and forth for a day or two we exchanged phone numbers. Once our relationship moved from online chatting to the telephone I knew that there was something special from God in this. And whoa, could this girl talk! I loved her Brazilian accent and when we discussed God it was obvious that the Lord was top priority for both of us. We began to entertain the possibility of me going up to Chicago from North Carolina to meet her. I suggested late October or early November. Nope, not good enough! She said asap. Early September it would have to be! We met in the parking lot outside of Cabela's near West Chicago. Sparks flew and continued to fly over the course of the next week and on Friday the 13th we found ourselves standing in front of a hippy judge at the DuPage county courthouse. After getting married we found a small apartment outside of Chicago in a town called Plano, IL. After moving there we discovered it was where Superman Man of Steel was filmed. We stayed there for only a few weeks before packing up and heading to Asheville, North Carolina. There we rented a lovely apartment and had many good times together enjoying the autumn mountain life. Vivian was eager for me to meet her family so we started making plans to travel to Brazil. After going through a process that involved several small miracles to obtain my visa in time for our departure date, we had an early thanksgiving at my parents house in South Carolina and then flew from Washington DC business class to Sao Paulo. I wish that I wasnt so exhausted so that I could have enjoyed my first experience flying business class more. However, I slept for 8 hours of the 9 hour flight. We were greeted at the airport by excited family members. We have had many lovely experiences here in Brazil since then. Over Christmas we went to the countryside in a place called Torre de Pedra where a pastor prayed over us and said that he saw that Vivian was going to be pregnant in January. Sure enough that was indeed true. I literally saved the first half of this testimonial and went to the first ultra sound, and just got back to finish writing. So Vivian and I have been married for almost five months now and are going to be expecting our first child together shortly after we celebrate our one year anniversary. Thanks CDFF! The first wink and God's perfect will made it all possible!
Crissy & Tom Jan 24, 2014
It's an amazing wonder, what God can do. Especially when we give everything to God and let Him work everything out in His time.

I joined CDFF many years ago, in the hopes that I could meet someone to share my interests with. In my entire time on here, prior to meeting my fiancee, I had made only two friends, both of whom I knew would never become more than friends.

It got to a point where I was ready to just give up looking for someone and accept the fact that I was going to remain single for the rest of my life.

Of the two friends I mentioned earlier, one met their husband on CDFF. When I found that out, I asked God that if it was His will, for it to happen to me as well. Well, I'm a fairly impatient person and more time had passed by without a change in my love life, so I assumed, "well, this is it..." and I prayed to God one last time that if he had anyone on this earth for me to share my life with that I wanted to meet her *now*!

Soon after that, I figured I wasn't going to get the answer to my prayers that I was hoping for so I came on here and while I was trying to figure out a way to delete my CDFF account, I noticed I had a new inbox message. I had received this long message from Crissy, who lived 3,000 miles away from me at the time. I read the entire message twice, in total amazement that this person could sound so perfect for me from just the first message. What did I do? I wrote back an even longer response! I was so excited to be responding to such a wonderful message that I ended up spelling her name wrong the first time I wrote to her! Whoops!

We quickly took our conversation to Facebook where we stayed up the entire night talking. I found out quickly that she had almost the exact same taste in music as I did, among so many other things we had in common, which to me was very rare. There has not been one single day that she and I have not talked at least a little bit, and many times we would talk for hours upon hours. I loved every minute of it, as did Crissy.

From the very first day we met, I pretty much knew that this was the woman I wanted to share the rest of my life with. I thought it would be totally weird or creepy if I had said that right from the beginning so I sort of played it safe with the "friend card" for a while (which, to be honest, was a bit of a mistake).

Crissy ended up moving fairly close to where I lived at the time, close enough for me to come visit by train (which I had stupidly waited almost 2 months to do, partially out of fear that "it would be impossible for things to finally be going right for me" in terms of a future love life and thinking that I would somehow screw things up or make her not like me). For me being so impatient about wanting God to send me someone, I was certainly acting rather foolish when he brought someone amazing my way.

She told me she loved me first, but she didn't need to -- I could tell she did just by the way she treated me from the very first day we had met. Ultimately, I told her I loved her back, and we've been almost inseparable since then. I ended up being let go from my job -- soon after I had prayed to God that if he was done with me there, to get me out of there. I took the opportunity to head to Erie, PA where Crissy was now residing, and the family that was gracious enough to let her stay with them, let me stay with them as well, while we searched for a place of our own.

September 7th, 2013 was the day I knew without a doubt that I was going to make this woman my wife, although we didn't make it public knowledge until December (though I am terrible at keeping secrets, just ask my fiancee!). Our wedding date is set for March 15, 2014 and I am as happy as can be. I am so thankful to God every single day for bringing me such a blessing of a woman to share my life with. She truly is my other half, and often feels like my twin when we say or think the exact same thing. I know without a doubt that this is the woman I will share the rest of my life with and I couldn't ask for a better blessing in my life. Not only has this woman shown me endless love, she has helped me rediscover my faith in God and shown me that indeed God does answer our prayers, even if we are too impatient to look for the answers in God's own timing.
Agnetta & Brian Jan 23, 2014
I met this wonderful man, on CDFF. Precisely on June 15th, 2011.
We are now happily married. Thank you CDFF for giving us both the chance of happiness. Being 8,000 miles apart does not stop us to be completely in love with each other.
Thank you for making it happen for us.
We are forever grateful.
Jesus bless you.
Sharon & Harold Jan 23, 2014
Harold and I met on this site early this month. We are constantly in contact and in prayer to God about our relationship. His church has live services on Sunday morning where he attends in person and I at the same time via internet due to being in separate states. I am thankful God used this site to bring me and Harold together:)
Noemie & Stefan Jan 23, 2014
Dear CDFF,
Me (Icelandic) and Noemie (Filipino) met on your website in June 2012 and now we are engaged and will be married in June 2014. I signed in on CDFF with an open minded, I did not know if I would find love there or friends or what but I prayed to God to lead me. I wanted to meet a christian woman who could help me grow in my spritual life and with Gods will fall in love and God sent me Noemie J. We started to exchange messages and talking on skype. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met and I thank God for your website because other wise I would never have met her. God gave me her Ė she is my soulmate J. We want to thank you for your website and what you are doing Ė allowing christian people to connect and with Gods will finding their soulmates. I cannot wait to marry Noemie and spend the rest of my life with her with God as our center.
Thank you,
StefŠn and Noemie
Gabby & Jamyson Jan 20, 2014
Thank you to the site of I now have an amazing man who loves Christ first and me second.

First e-mail - September 7th 2013
He moved four hours to be closer to me September 16th 2013
Starting Dating - September 19th 2013
Wedding date - February 14th 2015 or sooner

I never thought I could find a soul mate, but after meeting Jamyson, I am a believer. God has blessed with a man who loves Christ and wants to share Gods love with everyone he meets. A person who spends his time in the word. We both have the same beliefs, which is our most important quality. A pretty face fades but a women or man who loves Christ is the one to go after. The faster we run to God the closer we come to each other. I know through many years of prayers from both families we will marry next year. I am excited to learn new things from him everyday.

Have faith in finding a husband or wife. Jamyson waited 12 years and I waited 8 years.

Here is a poem that I found

Heís not perfect. You aren't either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn't going to quote poetry, heís not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Donít hurt him, donít change him, and donít expect for more than he can give. Donít analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when heís not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys donít exist, but thereís always one guy that is perfect for you.
Bob Marley
Alycia & Kevin Jan 16, 2014
We are a perfect match for each other. We have a lot in common . We both love God, and we are able to be real with each other. We fell in love and I'm so happy I have found her. I believe we are going to last. We are both forgiving about each other's weaknesses and we are able to talk through our problems. Even in times when we have nothing to say, we are happy in each other's company.
Mae & Al Jan 12, 2014
I met Mae two years ago on CDFF. We spent the next two years sending two hundred messages a day and video chatting every weekend. The visa process was long and arduous, but well worth it. Mae is the most wonderful, sweet, kind and beautiful woman I have ever known. We had a quiet wedding in Hervey Bay Queensland December 2013. I thank God for this website, without which I would never have met my perfect soulmate. Thank you CDFF. Rest in the knowledge that you are truly doing the Lord's work.
Jinky & Julien Jan 9, 2014
I had lost basically all hope of finding my lifetime partner. Last Pentecost, I surrendered my Love to God and prayed that He guide me to a Catholic woman to share my life with. That same day, I checked a few profiles from CDFF, and sent a message to a few people who caught my interest. The woman who is now my wife and partner for life in God's love, sent me a reply message and we spent several months getting to know each other, totally based upon our faith as Catholics. Without CDFF, and a loving God, we would not have the life and happiness we have today as husband and wife. Thank you and God bless you!
Erika & Erick Jan 5, 2014
Erick and I met through this website in June 2012 and I knew right away he was the one God had prepared for me.

We were married on June 29th 2013 and moved to Houston, TX to start our new life together. We are looking forward to the divine assignment the Lord has prepared for us. Thank you, CDFF, for facilitating a site that brings believers together! God Bless!
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