• Jun 20, 2017
    Hi CDFF

    Once again thank you so much for giving us this opportunity.

    Jessica (ica24_mesias) and I (Blueyes2020) have been chatting and Video calling for about 3 weeks now and I know we have a connection.
    We have found each other thanks to you guys and are so happy. There may be an age gap and we are thousands of miles apart, but I know for sure we are meant to be together. I am trying to sort things out for her to come over to the UK, so hope and pray for us.
    Even in such a short time we are serious about each other and want to make a commitment to the full.
    She is my soulmate and I love her.

    Many thanks
  • Jun 9, 2017
    Robert Mark and I met online on this website in 2012. We started talking then until he finally decided to come to the Philippines in 2016 after I got my annulment decision though it took us more months till we got our requirements for the wedding on May 6, 2017. Now, we are living together in the Philippines.

    We hope that our testimony will encourage other couples searching for their lifetime partner in your website.
  • Jun 2, 2017
    Hi, I just want to let the other user's know that I'm happy with this site. I found my husband from here and soon to be our 1yr anniversary being married Im really glad bcos after 6x of being heartbroken i finally found and be with the man of my dreams! Thank u thank u so much CDFF!! Hope other user will find their match too! GOD BLESS US ALL!!!
  • May 25, 2017
    Back in 2013, Claudia and myself (Richard) found ourselves on this website looking for someone special. Then one day we had contact with each other and everything else was written in stone. We started off as friends and realized over time we had something special. It was a strong connection that we both never felt with anyone before but we had some challenges. Claudia lives in Peru, and I live in Canada so we both knew it was going to be a challenge for us to be together so we remained friends for a few years until the time was right. Distance is one of those things not everyone can handle, but with a strong faith in God we held together.

    After much personal growth for us both over the years we decided to meet in person and to see where that would take us. In 2016, we ended up meeting in Varadero, Cuba. We just took a chance because it felt right. It was the best decision we ever made because it proved to us that it was something meant to be in the first place but it was also something that needed to happen in its own time. God was the centre of our relationship and our faith in him is what held us together and kept us strong. We saw so many signs over time that proved to us we were walking on the right path towards one another.

    In the end we were successful. We got engaged in Cuba, and eventually got married this year in Peru (2017). We want to thank the designers and owners of this website because if it wasn't for you guys we would not of met and found this happiness that we have. We want to wish everyone on this website the best of luck, and to hold onto your faith because with hope, faith, and love you will find great things.
  • May 8, 2017
    Hi, my name is Raquel. And Jacob is now my Husband. We met on CDFF November 2012. We decided to come together and finally last week we got married. It's not an easy road but I know for sure that the Lord is who brought us together. I think most are expecting perfection in a Christian relationship. But it's not that way. It's imperfect, hard, sometimes painful because our enemy is always trying to destroy what God blesses and unites. Press forward. Pray, ask for wisdom, come before the Lord and find healing before you come together with someone. Trust in God's plans for you. This is our testimony.
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