• Apr 24, 2014
    I don't remember our user names because it was so long ago but we met on your site and started dating in October of 2008. We both had 2 kids around the same age and both had been divorced. We had tried other dating sites but did not provide the spiritual aspect of it. That is the first thing we connected with. We became best friends. We talked about marriage but he proposed in Dec. Of 2010 and we married March 12, 2011. We now are a family of 6.
  • Apr 21, 2014
    Hi Christian dating for free. My name is Anna and my fiancÚ is Robert. We met on your website and I wanted to thank your for bringing us together. Your website was truly a blessing from God. I tell all of my single friends to check you guys out. Thanks again! :)
  • Apr 16, 2014
    Happy to say that Jim and me are coming up on our 3rd anniversary this July 23rd, 2014. We met in Nov. 2010 on CDFF and talked over the phone for 4 months, He was in Va and I was in NY. He winked at me just after I had decided to open my profile up to be available to contacts in Va area. We met face to face after the 4 months and were engaged the next day. We really felt as if we had known each other for much longer...but I know it was a God thing ! He is indeed the man I had prayed in faith for over a period of 10 yrs. I asked the lord for a man after God's own heart, a man who cares about others and prays for others and who is interested in serving in ministry. He is all that and more...I am very blessed with his love for me and I love being his wife. Thank You, Lord and thanks to CDFF !
  • Apr 15, 2014
    I am so happy to have found the love of my life , me and my husband met and fell in love . I was beginning to think love could not ever exist in my heart again and did not think I could ever trust or give my heart to someone again . I was helping a friend of mine put up her profile over the phone and then I told my friend my plan to give up and completely delete my profile from CDFF and then I saw Jeff's picture I clicked onto to his profile to get a better look at the one picture he had posted on his profile . I told my friend I thought he was really cute and so I sent him a message never thinking he would respond because he was across the country from me . but he messaged me back immediately and then after messaging back and forth for about a week then I give him my number and delete my profile there was no one I else I wanted to talk to . he called me that night and I set up skype and we started talking via Skype as our friendship grew we started to talk more and realized that we were meant for each other we had both exerienced loss before and the simaliar life experiences drew us close together and we developed a strong bond for one another . He flew to meet me and swept me completely off my feet . and took me back with him now we are happily married . we owe it all to God who brought us together through CDFF. Thanks again CDFF and many blessings to your site and may many be blessed to find the love that me and my husband have found through CDFF we met and found each other . I know through life I have someone who always be there for me ..Much thanks again ...Jeff and Arlena
  • Apr 7, 2014
    Started chatting on CDFF and got to know each other and within a week we'd exchanged numbers. Before I knew it I was driving down to visit her, I was so excited (and a little nervous).

    We clicked instantly and since then we've had countless video chats, phone calls and exchanged literally hundreds of snap chats of our best (and possibly worst) faces!

    I went down to visit her a second time (waking up at 5AM to miss the M25 rush hour traffic!) and we had an absolutely fantastic day, the best bit being when we made it official, I had a smile on my face all day!

    I know that we have something special going on, not just because of the way she makes me laugh all the time, or the way seeing a message from her can instantly lift my mood, but because I know we both have the most important thing in common, Jesus! :)
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