• Oct 8, 2015
    So I registered on the site last year but was disappointed as I didn't find anything, I then thought that I'd give the site another go this year and I had put my trust in the Lord. I was on the site for two weeks and It all began when I messaged Aaron username AzzzzzA who is from Australia and I was surprised to receive a reply. At first I didn't think of anything. We messaged each other and I thought it would be the old hi and bye. But with Aaron we kept messaging and we just really wanted to get to know each other. Aaron loved my British accent (as I had spent all my teenage years in the UK). I was going through a tough time in my life I had lost my job and I was quite upset but Aaron was there to bring back that smile and he offered support. Days went past and we got so attached with each other It was so unreal that we both had so much in common and we are both the same age. We talked for hours, weeks and months. One day he asked me to be his girlfriend and we started our long distance relationship even if we were separated by 4807 miles we made it work. We both prayed about it and asked the Lord to guide us.

    He quickly plan a trip to come and see me. He worked hard doing night shifts to save up. We started to pray together that was easy as we share the same faith. He saved up and bought his ticket and fly to see me in Mauritius. The first time I met him at the airport I just couldn't believe it. We had such a wonderful time, Aaron has brought happiness, joy and love into my life. He also surprise me with a ring I was speechless, the ring fits perfectly I still can't believe it all as I have never mentioned my ring size neither I am so blessed that I have found the guy of my dreams. The Lord has blessed me with such a great man We are now planning our life together. To those trying don't give up the Lord work in mysterious ways. Stay Blessed
  • Sep 22, 2015
    Hi. Stanley my soulmate thanks to you we will be getting married on his next day off hopefully its next Monday. I am Jacqueline from Jamaica I came here to America to be with him. Thank you
  • Sep 17, 2015
    Thanks to you guys I have met the man of my dreams! JaJuan and I are very happy, and this is only the beginning of happiness! We want to spend the rest of our lives together and grow old! I'm sure you would like to know how it happened (the connection) right?
    On the 6th of June Jay and I connected. The connection that we share just over the phone is incredible. We started out as friends and he became my best friend and still remains. It wasn't till the end of august that we connected and met face to face. He was so patient and so was I. We met in Greensboro at a community theater (where we attended a play) . It was as if we had already met, the connection was awesome just as if we were on the phone. I want to thank Christian dating so much for allowing people around the world to be apart of such an amazing community and not only that but for giving us free service.

    Thanks again,

    Lashanda : ))
  • Sep 10, 2015
    I became a member of this site in May 2014. After 2 weeks, I met my fiance' who is also a member for 2 years already. We began writing emails to each other. When we become serious with each other, we decided to delete our profiles in July 2014 so that we could communicate exclusively. Last February 2015, he decided to visit me here in the Philippines. We got engaged on the last day of his visit. When he got back to the United States, he filed a K-1 petition so that I could follow. After 70 days, the petition was approved and next week, I will have my visa interview at the US Embassy here in my country. If all goes well, we are planning to have our wedding at the end of this year in the US. We are grateful to God for using your site as an instrument for bringing us together. May God bless you and more power!!!
  • Sep 7, 2015
    I, Adam, was on the site for up to 4 years and starting to get discouraged, but I stayed on the site, because I thought "Hey, what's there to lose?" But after some sincere prayer and a sense of calling that it is the right time, Kiran, who had been on the site only two weeks, messaged me... and we hit it off from there.

    We began skyping with video call and got to know each other really well. Since then, I went to meet Kiran in her home country, Pakistan where we got engaged and God has continued to bless us. We are now happily married and setting up our new life together in Finland.

    We both feel that we found the best possible match for each other, and God's choice! There is a deep sense of calling and we are deeply in love! ;) We would like to encourage everyone on the site to be patient and active in prayer.

    Thank you FreeChristianDating for making it possible. We will always be grateful to and look back fondly on how we met. Thanks be to God! And God bless you all!

    - Adam & Kiran
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