• May 27, 2016
    Gia05 - I met Daniel on CDFF in late Dec. of 2014. He was in Texas and I was in DC. I actually joined the CDFF due to my sisters in Christ's encouragement to give online dating a try. I had never been in a relationship and they thought that it was because I didn't pay attention to it even though there were few guys who approached me. Those guys were either unbeliever or not a mature believer. I was firmed to stand upon my conviction that if I were to be in a relationship, Christ should be the center of it. Honestly, in my 28 years of being single there were times that I would wonder how it feels to be in relationship and look up and ask God if he's preparing someone for me. Then I thought that maybe marriage was just not for me. I didn't have much hope if not no hope at all when I first tried CDFF and tried it just for the sake of trying and had brief conversations with no direction with couple of guys.
    I had never imagined that online dating will work for me but it did! In late December of 2014, Daniel sent me a message and it was very different from the rest. The approach was very polite and Christ-centered. I was unsure at first and prayed a lot for God's wisdom and discernment. And indeed, God is always true to His promises and reveals His will to those who seek it. The more I talk with Daniel, the more I can see Christ in him. We became officially in a relationship on Feb. 2, 2015. He flew to DC on March 12 and proposed to me on bended knees beside a lake on the 15th of March. And soon enough, we got married on 9th of October 2015. I love being married to my husband and I am grateful to God for blessing me with a Godly, loving, caring, and considerate husband. We are seven months on the way now and are very excited to meet this growing miracle in my womb in person. All glory to God!
    I know that this testimonial is long but I am praying and hoping that may this give an encouragement to those who seek to find their future spouse with God-honoring intentions that good things come to those who wait upon the Lord. Thank you CDFF for being God's instrument to bring two souls together. God bless your ministry and all the people behind it!

    Daniel12v3 - CDFF is a wonderful Christian ministry worth supporting. Coupled with much prayer, it can be a tool to bring two liked-minded believers in Jesus Christ together for marriage. After looking locally for a few years I decided to give online dating a serious try.
    I first contacted Guilda in late December. I’ve contacted many women on this website. Most did not respond. Those I left alone. I also very much appreciated when a woman told me plainly that she was not interested in me. It helped redirect me. A few responded and few others I carried on conversations with for a while. Yet, none of these were the match God wanted for me. As I continued to use CDFF, I became gradually more specific and sure of who I was looking for. God helped me remain discerning throughout.
    I wasn’t willing to settle or compromise my beliefs. God blessed me for it by moving Guilda to respond to me favorably. After using only the CDFF messenger for a while we agreed to video chat on Skype a few times a week. We also spent 1-2 hours on the phone talking every weekend. After asking her many open-ended questions about her faith and waiting on the LORD for direction, God began revealing to me that she is the one for me. God eventually gave us the green light to meet in person. During the time between our meeting, proposal, and wedding, He used other Christians in our lives to support us and keep us accountable until marriage. I am so grateful to the LORD God for answering my prayers for a Christian wife. What a wonderful God!
  • May 24, 2016
    Our love story began in August of 2014 when my future wife found me on Christian Dating For Free. I had originally signed up wanting to meet a nice Christian lady locally, but was having no luck. I had been getting a lot of views and messages from those out of country, but since I had never been outside the United States except for once on a cruise, and had heard about how long and exhausting the immigration process is, I did not have the desire to find someone out of country, and had even put on my profile stating such. My future wife found me on this site and we soon found we were falling in love fast and couldn't stay away from one another.

    Not long before that, both of us were feeling empty inside and I was losing hope. We both also felt like the window was closing time wise to find someone special, get married, and start a family, which we both deeply desired. We went from sending long, detailed messages on CDFF to one another, to using Skype every day. It seemed as if we both loved just about everything about each other, down to the smallest details. So much so that in March of 2015, I traveled to the Middle East when that part of the world was not seen as the safest, just to meet her and see if everything would continue falling into place perfectly like it had been. Needless to say it did, for both of us, and we got engaged while I was there. We did the K-1 fiance visa so she could come be my wife in the United States. We loved each other so much we didn't care what anyone thought. But even that fell into place a lot more than was expected.

    Fast forward and my fiance arrived in late November, 2015, and we were married on December 1. In mid-February of 2016 we found out we are expecting our first baby this November. God bless you all and don't lose faith. Keep in mind that God works in mysterious ways and in His timing and more importantly, remember Psalm 37:4.

    "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart."
  • May 21, 2016
    We met here on this site and connect easily since both have a German background. And amazingly have lots in common.
  • May 19, 2016
    Through this site we found each other, God introduced us after we had both prayed to meet the one God had created for us before God created the foundations of the earth.

    Its a true love story, we are now married and expecting a baby in september 2016.

    Mike loved Sheryl so much he flew 6,500 miles to be with her and marry her.

    Mike " Sheryl is my everything, I love her so much I just can't cope without her, true love comes from God and he blessed us with a baby, sheryl fell pregnant to me on our honeymoon and I feel so blessed I thank and praise God every day through our Lord Jesus Christ"

    Sheryl " I didn't think he would reply but he did and now we are in love, and we got married and we are having a baby its true love, we are at the start of our marriage and our lives together and our Father God in heaven made it possible and Mike made all my dreams come true I love him so much"
  • May 11, 2016
    I started the online dating site about five years ago and I was about to close my account. David messaged me on CDFF around May 2015 and in June 2015 we exchanged our numbers and that's were it all began. We starting skyping everyday and started to get to know one another that way. It's like if he was in Chicago and I was in California. So he got see my personal life everyday even at work we would Skype. We grown so close with one another that we decided to meet each other in person. When I finally meet David in California it was so great to be with him. I had a five day vacation and the time being there I was treated the way God in tends his daughter's to be treated. He is loving, caring, a provider, hard working man has a love for God. He loves my children like his own. We are getting married July 28,2017. God has someone for each and every one. It doesn't matter were he's at. When that person is for you God will let you know. Thank you CDFF for this site. I found my soon to be husband.
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