• Nov 12, 2014
    Thank you CDFF. From a single message on here to husband and wife. Without this site we would not have met each other and for this we are grateful first of all for being obedient to the holy spirit in leading us to here. We are from and live on two separate islands in the Caribbean. We met in January of 2014 and after a few messages back and forth we decided to exchange personal email addresses and Skype addresses. Our relationship progressed from friendship into something more serious. Four months later we met each other and our families for the first time. We got engaged 6 months into our relationship and here we are as husband and wife living on the same island just 10 months later after our first message on here.
    Love is a beautiful thing especially when you know the Lord for yourself and you are obedient to his voice. Honoring God first of all has always been our motto and we will continue to do so as we serve God and then each other as he has instructed us to do.

    We are grateful to CDFF for bringing us together and wish to tell others on here that they shouldn't give up. God will give you the person whom he sees you need and not who you want.

    Gods blessings on you all.
    Happily Married in the Caribbean
  • Nov 9, 2014
    Yes I met him in Christian dating site, his name is Daniel we've start sept.8 2013 sending email to each other then we decided to go on Skype so we can see each other and to know more about our life. His nice and loving person all the criteria that I'm looking for a guy, then by that time my daughter in Hawaii invited me to spend holiday with them so he decided to go also in Hawaii to meet me in person Nov.19 2013 is our memorable day that is our date of arrival after 2 days he proposed...then we flew in Florida to meet his family after meeting his family we decided to get married Feb.14,2014 is our wedding day...and now we lived here in Alabama we are so grateful that one time in our life we were part of your Christian dating site.
    From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much...Mr. and Mrs.
  • Nov 6, 2014
    Hi Christian Dating for free.

    I met Laisa who has now become my Beautiful wife, on your site 2 years ago. We got married in the Dominican Republic on October 3rd 2014. After meeting we talked on your site and i quickly visited Laisa and her family in the Dominican Republic. Then we talked through phone and by the internet and i kept on visiting her every 3 months until we decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We set a date for our wedding and as earlier said married a month ago.

    Me and my wife would like to say - Thanks so much for your site and to God for bringing us both together.

    Allan & Laisa
  • Oct 16, 2014
    Him - USA - Canadian Citizen
    Me - Philippines - Filipino Citizen
    We're both in the same age.

    We were first introduced through here (Christian Dating for Free dating web site), in December 2012. That was right after my husband's birthday. We started communicating daily after the first introduction, by sending messages through the website. After one week we exchanged e-mails and started communicating by e-mail, through our gmail accounts. We e-mailed each other every single day. Around Christmas time we had voice call for the first time on Skype, and a few days later we had a video call. Surprisingly, on our first video call, he gave me a beautiful pink rose that was wrapped at first, and I never thought it was for me. I was very touched by this. We had the next Skype video call on New Yearís Eve, 31 December 2013. We enjoyed each otherís company a lot, and we very quickly connected. We communicated daily (VideoCall). We then transferred from Skype to Gmail Google hangout. I have made slideshows of our daily video calls, and I have saved it in our Google drive, to date.

    Three months later, in March 2013, only a few days before my birthday, Kyle visited me for the first time in the Philippines. He stayed for one week. We celebrated my birthday together. He also met my family, my grandparents, my parents and my two sisters, and other family, as well as some of my friends. We spent wonderful time together, we were already in love with each other, and we realized that we would make a good couple.

    We continued our daily communication over the internet when my husband returned to the U.S.A.

    After 6 months my husband visited me again in the Philippines (September 2013). This time he came together with his parents, so they could meet me and my family. They stayed with us for two weeks. This time we became a couple.

    After 4 months my husband and I registered our civil marriage in the Philippines on January 2014. The ceremony was attended by my closest family. We decided that we would also have a Catholic church wedding. My husband's parents and brother have work commitments, so we all decided it would be best if they came for the church wedding rather than the civil ceremony. The purpose of this was to file all our paper works for me to be with him right after our church wedding.

    Finally, after 4 months my husband and I got married!!!
    Our Catholic wedding ceremony took place in May 2014

    He visited me for a total of 4 times. By the way, he's my first and my last. All worth the wait!!!

    And now we are currently living here in the States. We're enjoying our life together. Yes will live happily ever after!!!!!

    Rules for a happy marriage:
    Laugh together, be the first to say I'm sorry, say I love you, forgive, don't bring up the past, communicate and trust,hug-hold hands-kiss, be in the moment, remember why you fell in love, compliment each other, listen, encourage each other, show gratitude.
  • Oct 14, 2014
    SilveradoCowboy & I had both used ur site as a last ditch effort to the find the love of our life. Because of your site, with the help of God's hand, we found each other & we are so happy!!! Just over the moon about it! Thanks CDFF with all the gratitude in the world! Ur site really works! He only had his page up for 5 days. Mine was only 3 days. Thats how fast it works!!! :D
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