• Feb 18, 2015
    Thank you CDFF for being God's tool in bringing us together. After meeting here, we got together and married 21 months later. Life is great, thank you.
  • Feb 9, 2015
    My name is Chris. I joined christiandatingforfree.com in August 2014. By Sept I had found the love of my life. We are now happily married since Dec 31, 2014. She is a wonderful lady that has a pure heart and is absolutely in love with God! Thank you for y'all's help. We now work to grow the light in the Kingdom together! Hallelujah!!!
  • My husband and I met on this site 2 1/2 years ago. It was love instantly, and we got engaged August 19, 2013, and married October 26, 2014. He is from Australia and I am from NY, so without God using CDFF, we would have never met, most likely. I never thought that I would be one of the people to meet anyone online, but within a week of being a member here, I did! Thank you so much CDFF!
  • Feb 8, 2015
    It's just amazing how God works in the lives of people. Curtis and I got on the site about the same time, close to four years, before God had us meet each other online. That was the time we didn't even think we will find someone.. I have stopped praying about it and just told the Lord that being single for five years is not too bad as long as it's His will for me. Just when I was suppose to cancel my account, I got a wink from this good looking American. Then when I read his profile something he's written down hit me. "I am so much into my church and serving the Lord." When we started talking we just can't stop. We were on Skype for like 2-3 hours each day and the chemistry is something that we can see. Most of the time though we would be studying and talking about scriptures. I had prayed for someone who is an equal yoke and I believe that God answered my prayer. What makes it better is the fact the we can't put a limit on what God can do. Though we are miles and miles apart, from different parts of the world, God's will shall come to pass. We had our simple betrothal Ceremony in my church in the Philippines. he had to be "travelling' for three days because a snow storm in some parts of the U.S.A. which caused his flights to be cancelled and him walking for about 5 miles to get another flight booked and he was very exhausted by the time I met him on the airport. But what cane we both say, "When God opens the door, nobody can close it. He will be staying in my country for a couple of days and will then start a fiancée visa petition which could be a long and tedious process. Again, we leave it up to the Lord. He has taken us this far and we know He will be with us all the way.
    We would both like to thank this site and we pray God continues to use it.
  • Feb 1, 2015
    We are Ben (31) and Amanda (28) ! We are both from Cincinnati, Ohio. We just wanted to share our story made possible by our Savior and CDFF! !!
    As a new Christian that just moved back home after college, Amanda decided to join CDFF to find some new Christian Friends in the area. Amanda had received a few messages from Ben. To be honest they were ignored. I say this to those out there who may judge someone from photos. We didn't have anything in common except for our Fatih and board games. That just shows you God knows what He's doing. Ben's strength led Amandas weaknesses and vice versa.
    A few months go by and Amanda gets a message from Ben mentioning a favorite card game. Ended up talking on the instant messaging one night and Ben asked Amanda to breakfast the following morning. A few months of friendship turned into dating and some ups and downs. Because of God through CDFF I found my best friend in life. 3 years later and we are now happily married, independent business partners, serving Jesus, and setting the captives free!

    We have already had so many adventures together. Midnight runs together since Amanda is a running fanatic, hiking trips out west, being goofy and pouring cold water on each other in the shower, and traveling the country Blessing as many people as we can encounter.

    I'm so blessed and thankful for my husband. His wisdom and Love for Jesus had molded us as we have become one flesh.

    Thank you CDFF for giving God's children a free place to find God's match for us in life.
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