• Jul 14, 2014
    I met my blessed and precious wife through the website Christian Dating For Free. When I first joined CDFF, I intended to find someone near to my new location in Alabama. I was having no luck, and I kept praying that God would show me someone through this site. No hope was left in me for me gaining a relationship through this site, but something kept telling me to continue checking. It was as if God was telling me to hang on, He had something in store for me. The feeling seemed silly to me, but I just had this weird feeling God had something planned for me. I checked my profile for months, then suddenly there was this Filipino woman who caught my attention. I had several women from the Philippines check my profile, but I did not give much attention to them. I had no belief that a relationship that far separate in distance could work. Then, there was this one young lady who viewed my profile, and I just felt something about her. I went ahead and I contacted her and we began using Skype to communicate. Again, I still had little faith this would work out, but very quickly I found myself desiring to know her. She was so interesting to me, I wanted to learn about her and her culture more and more. It was after getting to know her I realized what a treasure she truly is. I have never met such a humble, devout person. I admired her so much, she had personal attributes that I wanted to develop in myself. Absolutely, I wanted these qualities in our children. I had never had a desire to have children, until I met Blair. She has totally changed me and my life in so many ways, I am so grateful I joined CDFF and stuck with this website. Thank you so much for helping me meet the one God had prepared for me!
  • Jul 6, 2014
    My lovely wife and I met on cdff on sept 7 2013 and where married on june 28 2014... I just want to say thank you so much for all you do. lostmylove651 and sarahsarreal are now as one ....
  • Jun 22, 2014
    I met my husband on this website in 2011. We married in November of 2011 combining two families as one. In February of 2013 came our first child together! We are so blessed because of this website, we met, fell in love, had a child and blended 5 other children into one family!

    Thank you!!!
    Joe and Kayla
  • Jun 13, 2014
    Kia Ora~ From New Zealand,
    Gideon and I meet in 2009 on CDFF, He was a Kiwi and I a Texan. We started talking and little did I know the Lord had a master plan for the both of us.
    Our Journey took flight and we spend a year getting to know one another in an exclusive long distance relationship (taking our profiles down).
    After one year, in 2010 I boarded my long 24hr flight to meet this special man in person... I will fast forward heaps, as we are now Married :)
    "Delight yourself in the Lord, and HE will give you the desires of your heart"
    I cling to this scripture, as it speaks truth into my life, The Lord has blessed me beyond my greatest dream, and I will testify of his greatness.
    I thank the Lord firstly for the people behind this site, CDFF without this bold move to allow myself on CDFF i don't know where we would both be today!!
    I want to say to anyone on here looking for a life partner, seek God first, God must be number one, above your desires to find a Man/Woman. Trust him to bless you!
    Take your time and get to know someone, its easy to be mislead online, and the devil, yes Satan roams around like a roaring Lion, so beware, You will know if He/She is from God...
    My best advice for anyone, "SO LOVE GOD" as he so loved us, this type of Love will carry through to any relationship in store for you...

    Many blessings to all,
    Aimee & Gideon 07.12.2014
  • Jun 10, 2014
    Thank u for this site, so we had the chance to meet and now we are married! I had the account for a week and so did my husband, we both closed our accounts soon after we started talking online! I am from Romania and he is from United States! We live in United States now and we are so happy! I hope you all find the right person that God made you for! God bless!
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