• Aug 20, 2014
    Andrew and I have just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on August 3rd! On the very first day of my membership, I met the man I will spend the rest of my life with. He had been on for a little longer, but we were still extremely lucky to find each other!

    I was living in North Carolina at the time, and he was in Canada...so I wasn't too optimistic at first. But God works in mysterious ways! I lost my job in NC, moved back to Ohio (9 hours closer to Andrew...) and then got a job only an hour from the Canadian border. It was as if God was pushing me closer and closer to him.

    After traveling back and forth to see each other a few times a month for 9 months, he popped the question and we were married 6 months later!!

    I moved to Canada the week after the wedding, and we have been loving life ever since!!

    Thanks to this site, our dreams have come reality!
  • Aug 1, 2014
    I met my only love and now my godly spouse through this website Christian Dating for free. I did search over 4 years in my Orthodox Church community in Germany. Even special prayers from my bishop did not work out. Nevertheless I did not stop praying and God guided me one day to this website. I winked to several women, but nothing happened. I was ready to give up. Suddenly a very nice woman from Uganda started talking to me. From the first moment we saw each other via Skype I knew that we were chosen from God to be together for ever and ever. This was in March 2014. We did spent hours and hours each day in talking through the internet which soon led to a planned meeting in June 2014 to make Jennifer my fiancée. I flew to her over 6000 km and she was waiting at the airport. She felt completely happy about meeting me who had stirred her heart in such a unique way. We just looked at each other and there was instant connection. When I asked her to marry me she said yes. We married the 10th of July 2014. Now I am back in Germany, trusting in God because she must wait to get her visa to follow me and is even learning the German language. God makes both of us strong for the future.
  • Jul 31, 2014
    Blessings CDFF,

    Me and John met in this site last November 7,2013 . We started talking each other and knowing each other. After 3 months we found out that we clicked instantly and since then we've had countless video chats, phone calls and exchanged literally hundreds of messages.. We decided to level up in our Relationship and to be committed to each other. Since then we decided to deactivated our account here..
    Being Long distance relationship is very hard for both of us, not just we have to be patient each other but we have also to sacrifice our time just to talk. He is from British Columbia, Canada and I'm from Philippines but Living now in Oslo Norway. Time zone is really difficult to catch up.. But I thank God for giving me a boyfriend who is really kind and so patient.
    After I say yes to him to be his girlfriend last February 7, 2014 , He decided to see me and meet me in person.. So we decided to meet each other in Iceland last June 22, 2014. we stay together for about 3 weeks. Were so excited and God really works in our relationship..
    Since then we decided to get married next year to be in one... Looking forward to be his wife and he will be my Husband..

    Thank you so much CDFF...
    More blessings..

    Mares & John
  • Jul 25, 2014
    Hello Blessings,

    Me and my husband thanking so much CDFF. Through CDFF, me and my husband meet June 2012 and last June 14 2014 we are happily married. Thank you so much, God bless CDFF and everyone! Beleive in true love, we just need to learn to be patients and wait for God perfect time
  • Jul 24, 2014
    I met my beautiful and precious Future Wife through this website Christian Dating For Free. When I first joined, I really intended to find someone near to my home in Missouri. I was having no luck, and I kept praying that God would bring me someone through this site. To tell the truth, I was really ready to give up. In fact I even stopped checking my account for nearly a year, but something kept telling me to keep checking. It was God telling me to hang on, He had something for me and kept telling me to hang on. The feeling seemed foolish to me; however, I have learned never to limit God. I eventually started checking my profile again, and suddenly there was this woman who winked me, so I winked her back. Honestly, several women from the Philippines checked out my profile, but I didn't give much attention to them because it seemed so far away and impossible to reach. I really hate long distance relationships, especially, that far in distance. Then, there was this one young lady who viewed my profile, Portia Mae Amarille, and we knew from the moment we saw each other that we were destined to be together. I am not talking about a physical attraction, but rather an attraction of the spirit. We exchanged a few letters and began chatting and before we knew it we were calling and video chatting with one another via Skype. At first, I had little hope that this Beautiful woman of God would even acknowledge me once she saw me, but to my surprise she not only acknowledged me but was actually interested in me. She is so interesting to me, I wanted to learn about her and her culture more and more. We have the same interests, sense of humor, conversational awareness, and even family loyalty. Our simularities in interests seems so unreal, nearly impossible even. We were definitely cut from the same cloth. It was after several weeks of chatting for hours upon hours on a daily basis that I realized what a blessed treasure she truly is. I have never met such a humble, devout person. A real person, not one of those uber church people who seem to think they are perfect. But a real, honest, Jesus loving person with flaws and issues, just like me. I have always had a desire to have children, and to make things more perfect, she has 2 wonderful boys who I love as if they were my very own. She has totally changed my outlook on the future and my life in so many ways, that I cannot even begin to articulate. I am so grateful to CDFF and to God with this website. Thank you so very much for helping me meet the one God had prepared for me, at the time when God knew I would be ready! I have asked Portia to Marry me and she has said yes! We are currently planning our future together as a family and, soon, will be getting Married.
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